Abundantly Blissful Children™

Welcome to Abundantly Blissful Children™ (ABC) a tool kit which supports emotional intelligence through explicit lessons on feelings and calm down strategies. This mindfulness program is dedicated to teaching children to use self-regulation techniques to navigate through the many different emotions and feelings one can experience.

Our goal is to empower children by using mindfulness strategies to help them stay calm during times of stress or when they feel a loss of control. In using these strategies, children will begin to create a tool kit response system that is individualized for their specific needs. Children will gain an understanding of how to be calm, focused, and how to restart their thinking into a positive frame of mind.

The techniques presented in the ABC toolkit will build social and emotional intelligence through a series of explicit lessons on how to use feelings as an informational navigation tool. Children will learn how their body naturally responds to stress and how calm down strategies can help them regain control. Through empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and awareness of their own unique skills, children will be encouraged to make decisions that contribute to a positive environment. Together we can help children be thoughtful, mindful, and in control of their reactions.

In the field of neuroscience, there is a term called neuroplasticity, which means the brain can change throughout an individual's life. This is exciting news for anyone who is willing to work towards changing a pattern of behavior. When we learn a new skill it can take multiple exposures to rewire the brain to default to this new and improved pattern. The ABC toolkit focuses on repetition through the modeling of a regulated adult until the child is able to internalize these skills and regulate independently.

Thank you for supporting children with a new and improved way of looking at behavior as a lens to understanding an underlining unmet need. The awareness developed through this program could potentially prevent unhealthy coping mechanisms in a child's future behavior. Together we can foster healthy ways to learn and grow into abundantly blissful people.


The Abundantly Blissful Children Team